Results of Treatment for Clonorchiasis

Preliminary Report

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  • Clinic for Tropical Diseases at the Boston City Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts


The reasons for trying tartar emetic in clonorchiasis, the various methods of preparation of the drug, dosage, administration, the untoward effects, precautions to be observed and the results obtained by others in the treatment of schistosomiasis have been dealth with.

Application of the treatment to three cases of clonorchiasis has been described and full reports of the cases are appended.

Treatment with tartar emetic alone appears to have been completely successful in 1 case of clonorchiasis and to have failed in 2 others. One of these cases was apparently cured by a course of tartar emetic followed by a few small doses of arsphenamine. Trial of this method in the third case was unavoidably interrupted.

No change in the appearance of the ova was observed. They did not shrivel or turn black as do the ova of the Schistosoma when tartar emetic is used.

Other points of interest in connection with the cases have been touched upon.