A New Species of Anopheles in Louisiana

Anophelis Atropos D. & K.

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  • Louisiana State Board of Health, New Orleans, Louisiana

The continuation of the mosquito and malarial survey and control work, begun in September of last year, 1921, was again taken up this June. As the coast section of the State had never been systematically exploited in this connection, it was originally the intention to investigate the mosquito and malarial conditions of Terrebonne, St. Mary, Vermillion and Cameron Parishes. For certain reasons which will become evident later on, the work had to be confined to St. Mary and Terrebonne.

It is, of course, needless to repeat here that the prevention of disease dissemination by insects depends upon the eradication of the disseminators. This, in turn, implies that the latter should be known specifically as well as for the individual habits of each one.

While primarily engaged in conservation work during the early spring of 1901, the writer incidentally found a species of Anopheles on Terrebonne Bay which appeared unusual to him on account of its having unspotted wings.