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  • The University of Texas

Editor of the American Journal Tropical Medicine:

Dear Sir,

I have transmitted to you under separate cover an article by Dr. Sh. Moshkovsky on the Tropical Institute in Moscow. This article (written in German) was presented to me by the author last August in Moscow, where I was making a visit for the purpose of investigating the condition of the biological sciences and scientists, and of helping to reestablish communication with them. An account of my findings will be published in the forthcoming number of the Scientific Monthly.

The Institute of Tropical Medicine, which I visited, comprises a large staff of energetic workers. They are actively engaged in research at the present time and are hampered in their work chiefly by their isolation. They have received practically no journals or books from America since 1917 and keenly feel the need of them. It is unavoidable under these circumstances that there will be much unnecessary duplication of work and wasted efforts at this Institute.