Enterobius Study on 320 Children in the General Population of East Lansing, Michigan

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  1. 1.In the examination of 320 children, ages 1 to 12 inclusive, in private homes in East Lansing, Michigan, using 5.6 Jacob's perianal swabs per child, 33.8 per cent were found to be infected with Enterobius vermicularis.
  2. 2.The children in school age group were more often infected than the preschool groups.
  3. 3.There was no significant difference in the rate of infection of male and female children.
  4. 4.Children in families of 2 to 4 children were more frequently infected than children in families of one child.
  5. 5.Statistically there is no significant difference in the rates of infections of children from families in different income groups.
  6. 6.The number of infected children diagnosed increased with the number of perianal swabs examined up to seven.

Author Notes

Department of Bacteriology and Public Health Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan.