Toxoplasmosis in Panama: Report of two Additional Cases

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Summary and Conclusions

  1. 1.Two cases of human toxoplasmosis are discussed. These increase the total number proven by morphologic demonstration of the parasite to thirty-nine.
  2. 2.One represents the second case of toxoplasmosis recorded in a still-born infant and reconfirms the concept that intra-uterine infection occurs.
  3. 3.A possible relationship between atypical erythroblastosis fetalis and congenital toxoplasmosis is postulated.
  4. 4.Attention is directed to the apparent high incidence of toxoplasmosis in Panama which seems to be a center of relatively high endemnicity.
  5. 5.The current clinical classification of toxoplasmosis has been slightly modified.
  6. 6.Chick embryo antigen was used successfully to demonstrate inapparent toxoplasmosis in the parents of an infected stillborn infant.

Author Notes

Board of Health Laboratory, Aneon, CZ.

11 Colwyn Lane, Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

Margarita Hospital, Margarita, CZ.