Chronic Amebic Abscess of Liver and Aspiration Liver Biopsy

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Occasionally single large chronic amebic abscesses of the liver do not present classic diagnostic symptoms. In two such cases a diagnostic liver aspirationbiopsy disclosed the abscesses, which were further treated by a single aspiration, instillation of emetine and penicillin in the abscess cavity and subsequent routine anti-amebic treatment with emetine, chiniofon and carbarsone with penicillin intramuscular injections as an adjunct. Both patients recovered completely. Puncture through the sinus pleurae and diaphragm in the posterior axillary line is recommended.

Author Notes

Chief Medical Officer, N. V. Curacaosche Petroleum Industrie Maatschappij, Emmastad, Curacao, N. W. I.