Brian Maegraith. Pathological Processes in Malaria and Blackwater Fever

With a Chapter on the Parasites of Human Malaria, by Robert H. Black. Pp. xi plus 430. Colored frontispiece and 22 figs. Cloth. Springfield, Illinois. Charles C. Thomas. 1948. $10.00

Mark F. Boyd
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The volume is an attempt to define, from an extensive review of the literature, the basic physiological and pathological processes which determine the reaction of the body to invasion by the malaria parasite and the appearance of blackwater fever, with especial attention to the blood, liver, kidney, brain, spleen, bone marrow, adrenals and heart. The author concludes, from the fragmentary data available, that certain processes, including generalized anoxemia, vascular endothelial damage, together with local and general circulatory changes, the combined effect of which results in the production of tissue anoxia, are common to the development of lesions in all of the organs.