The Mosquitoes and Mosquito-Borne Diseases of the Treasury Islands (British Solomon Islands)

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Summary and Conclusions

  1. 1.Ten species of mosquitoes representing five genera: Anopheles, Aëdes, Culex, Armigeres, and Tripteroides were discovered on the Treasury Islands.
  2. 2.Of the mosquito-borne diseases known to be endemic in the South Pacific, malaria was of primary importance on Stirling and particularly Mono Island in the Treasury group.
  3. 3.Dengue has never been reported, and a 0.7 per cent infectivity rate for Wuchereria bancrofti was reported in the native inhabitants of Falamai village on the south coast of Mono Island.
  4. 4.A key to the fourth instar larvae is given and a brief discussion relative to the taxonomy and biology of the reported species is presented.

Author Notes

Lieutenant Commander, (MSC) USN, Department Preventive Medicine, Naval Medical Field Research Laboratory, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.