Gonzalo Piédrola Gil Recientes Adquisiciones y Tecnicas de Empleo del D. D. T.

Prologo del V. Matilla. pp. 320, figs. 54, wrap. Instituto Español de Medicina Colonial. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas. Imprenta J. Cosano, Madrid (Spain), 1948. 100 ptas

Mark F. Boyd
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This Spanish monograph of 320 pages reviews the literature relating to DDT, including some publications of 1947. In successive chapters are discussed the general properties of natural and synthetic insecticides; pathology and symptoms exhibited by insects poisoned by DDT; the determination of DDT; techniques for employment; general indications for the employment of DDT and its utility in human epidemiology; applications in agriculture, animal husbandry and certain industries. The volume closes with a biographical sketch of Dr. Paul Müller, and paraphrases American and English accounts of the control of typhus in Naples. While the compilation may be expected to be of considerable current service, the vast and expanding literature relating to this useful and important substance soon renders any review obsolete unless revised at frequent intervals.