Volume s1-29 (1949): Issue 2 (Mar 1949)

Southwest Pacific Vivax Malaria
Clinical Features and Observations Concerning Duration of Clinical Activity
Book Review
The Leptospiroses
By P. H. Van Thiel, pp. x plus 202 plus 21 bibliography plus 7 index with 19 figures and 5 textfigures. University of Leiden, Netherlands, 1948. (Price, f.16.50.)
Book Review
The Sick African. A Clinical Study
By Micheal Gelfand. 2nd revised edition. 124 figs. 699 pp., 1948. Cape Town, S. Af. Stewart Printing Co. Ltd. 38 shillings
Book Review
Malaria Control on Impounded Waters
Edited by C. I. Mansur. Publication of the United States Public Health Service and Tennessee Valley Authority. Pp. i–xiii, 1-422, illustrated. U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1947