The Leptospiroses

By P. H. Van Thiel, pp. x plus 202 plus 21 bibliography plus 7 index with 19 figures and 5 textfigures. University of Leiden, Netherlands, 1948. (Price, f.16.50.)

Henry E. Meleney
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This authoritative monograph by the Professor of Parasitology of the University and the Institute of Tropical Medicine at Leiden is a valuable contribution to a field which has heretofore received only fragmentary attention. The many clinical types of the disease produced by leptospirae, the epidemiology of these infections and the biological and immunological relationships of the many species or strains of leptospirae are brought together in a very comprehensive manner.

After introducing the subject by considering the morphology, classification and technique of diagnosis, a long chapter is devoted to the general epidemiology of the infections including the role of carriers, infection of man by direct infection and by contact with infected water, the mechanism of infection, the isolation of leptospirae from water and the significance of avirulent but potentially pathogenic strains living in water. Then follow chapters on prophylaxis, pathogenesis, general clinical aspects and therapy of these infections.

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