Report on the Presence of Japanese B Encephalitis Neutralizing Antibody among Filipinos and Certain Philippine Animals

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  1. 1.Neutralization tests on 21 Filipino civilians for Japanese B encephalitis showed 7 with positive indices or 33.3 per cent.
  2. 2.Fourteen of the 17 Japanese prisoners of war whose sera were tested gave positive indices or 82 per cent. These indices were higher than those in the Filipino group.
  3. 3.Fourteen of 29 cattle gave positive indices or 45 per cent; 21 of 23 horses or 91 per cent; 10 of 11 carabaos or 90 per cent and 2 of 8 goats or 25 per cent gave positive neutralization indices.
  4. 4.Serial specimens from 13 patients suspicious for Japanese B encephalitis virus infection were obtained and tested. Five of these serial specimens showed a tenfold or greater increase of neutralizing antibodies.

Author Notes

3rd Medical General Laboratory, APO 900 c/o P.M., San Francisco, Calif.