Typhus Fever in Mexico: A Study of Epidemiology by Means of Complement-Fixation


A skeletal survey of rickettsial diseases in Mexico was made by complement-fixation using specific antigens. The predominant type of typhus fever is found to be classic (epidemic). The murine (endemic) type is also present and often exists side by side with the classic.

The complement-fixation test may be used as an epidemiological and diagnostic tool in distinguishing classic and murine types of typhus fever with respect to the specially prepared antigens.

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Author Notes

Major, M.C., A.U.S. Now, 41 Deepdale Parkway, Roslyn Heights, N. Y.

Institute of Health and Tropical Diseases, Mexico, D.F.

Colonel, M.C., A.U.S. (Deceased).

Division of Epidemiology, Secretariat of Health and Welfare, Mexico.