Expert Committee on Malaria

Report of Second Session, May 19–25, 1948. World Health Organization, Interim Commission. Geneva. 8 June 1948. Mimeographed. 50 pages

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The second meeting of the Expert Commission on Malaria was held in Washington immediately following the Fourth Congresses on Tropical Medicine and Malaria, with the following members present.

Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldon, Venezuela. Chairman

Major General Sir Gordon Covell. United Kingdom

Dr. Paul F. Russell. U. S. A.

Med. General Marcel Vaucel. France

Dr. D. K. Viswanathan. India

Secretary: Dr. E. Pampana. WHO

Dr. M. Ciuca of Roumania was unable to attend, while the seat reserved for the member from the U. S. S. R. remained vacant. Co-opted members were: Lt. Col. M. K. Afridi, Pakistan; Dr. J. W. Field, Malaya; and Dr. D. Bagster Wilson, Tanganyika.

Three observers from the Pan American Malaria Commission, Dr. C. A. Alvarado, Argentina; Dr. P. C. A. Antunes, Brazil; and Dr. Luis Vargas, Mexico, attended the meetings. Dr. G. Robert Coatney, Dr. Clay G. Huff, Dr. Fred L. Soper, and Dr. H. H. Stage, all of the U. S. A., served as consultants for particular sections of the report.