Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Epidemic Amebiasis Occurring in Occupants of the Mantetsu Apartment Building, Tokyo, Japan

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  1. 1.The clinical manifestations and treatment of one hundred cases of amebiasis occurring among American occupants of an apartment building in Tokyo, December 1946 to June 1947, are presented.
  2. 2.The relative mildness of the clinical manifestations was possibly related to the fact that the period of probable exposure to infection with E. histolytica had been brief; also the epidemic had been recognized soon after the onset of symptoms. There were no fatalities.
  3. 3.Seventy-six of the patients were treated with carbarsone and diodoquin; the remainder were given emetine hydrochloride concurrently with carbarsone.
  4. 4.Of the total number of patients treated three continued to pass cysts of E. histolytica after one course of treatment; two of these had negative stools after a second course of treatment; one patient, a child, required four courses of oral therapy of varying dosages before the stools were found to be negative. Seventeen continue to have occasional episodes of mild diarrhea and/or abdominal cramping, despite repeated post treatment negative stools.

Author Notes

Department of Surgery, University of California Medical School, San Francisco, Calif.

On leave from The Woman's College of The University of North Carolina.