Volume s1-28 (1948): Issue 5 (Sep 1948)

Book Review
Medical Writing, the Technic and the Art. 2nd ed.
Morris Fishbein, with the assistance of Jewel F. Whelan. pp. x and 292, with 36 figures. The Blakiston Co., Philadelphia and Toronto. $4.00
Book Review
Clinical Laboratory Methods and Diagnosis: A Textbook in Laboratory Procedures with their Interpretation. 4th Ed.
Gradwohl, R. B. H. Vol. I and II, pp. viii plus 2284 plus 127 in index in Vol. II, with 51 color plates and 691 text illustrations. Vol. III, R. B. H. Gradwohl and Pedro Kourf. Parasitology and Tropical Medicine. Pp. viii plus 864, with 7 color plates and 420 text illustrations. C. V. Mosby Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1948. $40.00