Medical Writing, the Technic and the Art. 2nd ed.

Morris Fishbein, with the assistance of Jewel F. Whelan. pp. x and 292, with 36 figures. The Blakiston Co., Philadelphia and Toronto. $4.00

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When the review copy of this book reached the editor's desk, his decision to retain it was instantaneous. This conclusion was not reached by applying the principal that books for review should be sent to those with a more than usual familiarity with their subject matter, but by a realization that good fortune had brought to his hands a most excellent reference work and arbiter. Prospective contributors to this Journal, who are guided by the suggestions on the third page of the cover, and the contents of this volume, will do much to lighten the editor's burdens. The 18 chapters of this book by an editor of vast experience, cover all phases of the composition of medical literature, and the preparation of scripts for publication.