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Note: Books received for editorial consideration will be intermittently listed. This acknowledgement must be regarded as an adequate expression of appreciation for the courtesy of the author or publisher. Selections will be made for review in the interest of our readers.

Gradwohl, R. B. H. Clinical Laboratory Methods and Diagnosis. 4th ed. 3 Vol., pp. 3300, 1100 illustrations and 56 color plates. C. V. Mosby Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1948. $40.00.

Hisakiti Matsubayashi (Keio University). Entamoeba histolytica (in Japanese). Pp. ii plus 234, 1 plate, refs. Tozai Shuppansha, Chiyoda Bldg., Kyobashi, Tokyo, 1947.

Fishbein, Morris, with Whelan, Jewal F. Medical Writing; the Technic and the Art. 2nd ed., pp. x, plus 292, 36 figures. Blakiston Co., Philadelphia, 1948. $4.00.

Muir, Ernest. Manual of Leprosy. Pp. viii plus 208, with 70 figures, some in color. Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore, 1948. $5.00.

Anonymous. Malaria Control on Impounded Water.

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