A Review of the Epidemiology of Schistosomiasis Japonica in China

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  • Parasitology Laboratory, Epidemiological Institute, National Institute of Health, Nanking, China
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History. Following the discovery of Schistosoma japonicum in Japan by Katsurada in 1904, Logan (1905) made the first report of its occurrence in China, in Changteh of Hunan Province. Thanks to the efforts of missionary doctors, early reports were gathered from the Provinces: Anhwei (Taylor, 1907), Chekiang (Venable, 1908), Kiangsi (Lambert, 1910), Hupeh (Wills, 1910), Klangsu (Davenport, 1910) and Kwangtung (Wright, 1912). Faust and Meleney were the first to make a survey of the infection in Kiangsu, Chekiang and Kwangtung and to discover the molluscan hosts of the worm in China. From 1929 the disease was repeatedly surveyed and studied by various workers.

Geographical Distribution. In China, schistosomiasis japonica has a very wide distribution. Endemic foci of the disease occur in the Provinces of Hunan, Hupeh, Kiangsi and Kiangsu in the Yangtze Basin on the one hand and Chekiang, Fukien and Kwangtung in the coastal region on the other.