Books Received

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Note: Books received for editorial consideration will be intermittently listed. This acknowledgment must be regarded as an adequate expression of appreciation for the courtesy of the author or publisher. Selections will be made for review in the interest of our readers.

Luis Najera Angulo. La Lucha Contra las Moscas. 204 pp., 58 figs. Direccion General de Sanidad, Ministerio de la Gobernacion, Madrid, 1947.

Liber Jubilaris J. Rodhain a l'Occasion de su Soixante-Dixieme Anniversaire. Annales de la (hors série) Société Belge de Médecine Tropicale. 412 pp., portrait, illus. By Forty Two Contributors. Bruxelles, Ad. Goemaere, 1947. Prix 310 fr.

Ernesto Daniel Andia. Fantasias del Pensamiento Medico. pp. 157 and index. Wrap. Buenos Aires, “El Ateneo”, 1947.

William F. Petersen. Man: Weather: Sun. 463 pp., 294 figs. Springfield, Ill., C. C. Thomas, 1948. $10.00.

Edm Sergent et Et. Sergent. Histoire d'un Marais Algérien. 293 pp., plates, illus. and maps. Alger, Institut d'Algérie, 1947.