Memoranda on Medical Diseases in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Areas

I-396 pp. Illus. Eighth Edition. 1946. London. His Majesty's Stationery Office. 7/6

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In reviewing this book one should be guided by the aim of the contributors in the production of the work. As stated in the Preface “this book does not claim to be more than a series of miscellaneous memoranda arranged in alphabetical order” and “our present aim has been to give medical officers something that can be more easily carried around than a textbook and yet offer in concise form the essential of the more important diseases of the tropics. This volume is intended as a companion, not as a rival, to the standard works.”

Viewed from this stand-point, the volume well fulfils its mission and can be recommended to medical officers as a safe guide in the study and treatment of the diseases of tropical and subtropical regions. The names of the contributors are not given but the discussions of the various diseases are uniform in excellence with the exception of one or two subjects mentioned below.