R. G. Cochrane, M.D., Ch.B. (Glas), F.R.C.P. (Lond.), D.T.M. & H. (Eng.) Practical Text Book on Leprosy

XII–283 pp. Illus. Oxford University Press, 114 Fifth Ave., New York 11, N. Y. 1947. $11.50

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The main objective of the author of this compact though comprehensive and richly informative text-book on leprosy is to furnish general practitioners as well as specialists in the tropics, a practical guide on all phases of the subject of leprosy. A glance at the contents impresses one with the scope of the book and makes one wonder how the author ever managed to contract and condense the subject matter into this comparatively thin volume of 283 pages.

The author has succeeded very well in his purpose of presenting a practical viewpoint on some aspects of his subject. On other aspects, specifically chapters IV and VIII, covering the pathology, atypical lesions, and the development of lesions, a highly theoretical approach is, it would seem, beyond the scope of the average physician. On the other hand, these subjects are rather controversial elements among specialists. Here the practical approach has fallen down.