Old and New Methods of Controlling Malaria in Greek Macedonia

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  • Athens School of Hygiene, Greece
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In this paper and the attached tables we have summarized the results of malaria studies and control work carried out by us in Macedonia during the period from 1934 to 1946.

Spleen and parasite indices are the most reliable data available for determining the malaria situation in any given area, and these data are used by us for comparing the relative values of various control methods in order to properly evaluate the results given by each method. The villages and towns with which we are dealing in this paper are a representative sample of many more towns and villages in the area, in which a more or less effective malaria control work has been carried out during the period from 1937 to 1946. From 1932 to 1937 only one village was screened. Some drainage work for land reclamation purposes was completed during this period in the Philipi Plain.

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Kyrillou Loukareos 4, Athens, Greece.