Books Received

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Note: Books received for editorial consideration will be intermittently listed. This acknowledgement must be regarded as an adequate expression of appreciation for the courtesy of the author or publisher. Selections will de made for review in the interest of our readers.

da Costa Lima, A., e Hathaway, C. K. Pulgas: Bibliografia, catalogo e animais por elas sugados. (Fleas: Bibliography, catalogue of species and hosts.) Monografias do Institut Oswaldo Crus, No. 4, 1946, Imprensa Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Sayers, R. R., and Davenport, Sara J.: Copper and Health. Issued by: Copper and Brass Research Ass'n, 420 Lexington Ave., New York 17, N. Y.

Behrman, Howard T.: Dermatologic Clues to Internal Disease. 165 pp., 118 illus. Grune and Stratton, New York, 1947. $5.00.

Hull, Thomas G. (With numerous collaborators) Diseases Transmitted from Animals to Man. 571 pp., 75 illus. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, $10.50.

Harry L. Alexander. Synopsis of Allergy, 2nd ed., 255 pp., 22 illus. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, $10.50.