Bylaws of the Fourth International Congresses on Tropical Medicine and Malaria, Washington, D. C., May 10–18, 1948

Preparations for the Congresses

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Section 1. Basic Organization The Congresses shall be held under the sponsorship of the United States Government through its Department of State and Government agencies having an interest in tropical medicine in collaboration with the private societies composing the Intersociety Committee. These organizations shall nominate to the Secretary of State representatives for appointment to the Organizing Committee of the Congresses which shall be responsible for the preparations for the Congresses in cooperation with the Department of State. The Secretary of State shall name the Chairman of the Organizing Committee upon the recommendation of the cooperating organizations. The Organizing Committee may elect an Executive Committee from among its members and with the approval of the Secretary of State may select an executive secretary and such other officers as may be necessary.

The Treasurer of the Intersociety Committee shall be appointed in conformity with Section 4.

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