Aedes Aegypti Control in the Absence of a Piped Potable Water Supply

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  • Yellow Fever Control Service, British Guiana
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The city of Georgetown, British Guiana, with its complex system of rain water collection and storage, in the absence of a piped potable water supply, presented an extremely difficult problem in Aedes aegypti eradication. An abnormally short egg-adult cycle added to the difficulties.

The special problems encountered and the methods used to solve them are described. The spraying of the interiors of houses with DDT proved a most potent weapon in aedes eradication and was cheaper and quicker than classical anti-aedes measures.

Author Notes

The British Guiana Yellow Fever Control Service, during 1939–46, was financed jointly by The Rockefeller Foundation, the Government of British Guiana and from a grant under the Colonial Development and Welfare Scheme in the West Indies.