Division of Tropical Diseases, National Institute of Health

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To conduct an intensified tropical disease research program, the United States Public Health Service has established a new Division of Tropical Diseases in the National Institute of Health, Dr. Thomas Parran, Surgeon General, announced on May 5, 1947.

The new division will expand the research studies formerly pursued by the Zoology Laboratory which it supplants. It will be responsible for work in the fields of tropical medicine, medical zoology, and parasitology. Malaria research, now going on in the Divisions of Infectious Diseases and Physiology, is transferred to the Division of Tropical Diseases.

Heading the new unit is Scientist Director Willard H. Wright, former Chief of the Zoology Laboratory and nationally known expert in tropical disease research. He was recently awarded the Legion of Merit for his work as Field Director, Commission of Schistosomiasis, U. S. Army, in the Southwest Pacific and Japan.

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