Reactions of Natives of Okinawa and of American Personnel, to Skin Tests with Test Antigen Prepared from Microfilariae of Dirofilaria Immitis

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  • U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2
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Over 400 patients were tested with an antigen prepared from the microfilariae of D. immitis. The optimal dilution for testing was determined, and the varied responses in different stages of filariasis were demonstrated. Its activity in comparison to that of the adult worm antigen was shown, and its limitation and advantages were discussed. The role of intestinal and somatic helminths in eliciting nonspecific reactions was appraised.

Author Notes

Lieutenant Commander MC (S), USNR.

Lieutenant MC (S), USNR.

Lieutenant Commander H (S), USNR (On leave, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Princeton, N. J.)

The authors wish to record appreciation of the cooperation of Commodore T. M. Rivers, MC (S) USNR, Medical Officer in Command, U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2.

Acknowledgement is made of the valuable assistance of K. F. Hanes, Chief Pharmacists' Mate, USNR, A. J. Barger, Pharmacists' Mate 1st Class, USNR, and Edward Fong, Pharmacists' Mate 1st Class, USNR.

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