Liberia, Scene of new International Institute for Tropical Medicine

The establishment of a tropical disease research center in Liberia, open to all medical students and scientists without restriction as to nationality, race or creed, has been announced by Dr. Thomas T. Mackie, president of the American Foundation for Tropical Medicine.

“Over 50 per cent of the world's population lives in tropical areas, subject to many little understood diseases, yet at the time of Pearl Harbor, we found there were only 24 civilian doctors in the entire United States with background training in tropical medicine,” Dr. Mackie said, pointing out the immediate need for extensive research in this field.

Liberia, the African Republic founded just 100 years ago by freed American slaves, offers ideal conditions to study the three factors which at present keep the peoples of the tropics in virtual bondage, Dr. Mackie continued. These factors are 1) ineffective agriculture with poor crop yield, 2) prevalence of highly endemic diseases of domestic animals, which together make for almost universal malnutrition.