Actinomycosis in a Hydrochoerus Isthmius Goldman (Isthmian Capybara or Poncho)

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A case of Actinomycosis is reported in a captive Hydrochoerus isthmius Goldman (Isthmian Capybara or Poncho), at the Gorgas Memorial Laboratory.

Staining characteristics showed that the actinobacilliform rods had a marked affinity for eosin and were Gram-negative and acid-fast; and that the central area of what resembled Ray-fungus, consisting of the round sporocytic bodies, stained deeply with hematoxylin; giving the impression that the organism was due to a species of Actinomycosis of the family Streptomycetaceae of Waksman and Henrici (7).

Author Notes

Staff Member of the Department of Medicine, Santo Tomas Hospital.

From the Gorgas Memorial Laboratory.