Use of Dimethylphthalate Impregnated Clothing as Protection Against Scrub Typhus

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The incidence of scrub typhus in three groups of troops operating in an area where one of the probable vectors of this disease was found and where various degrees of protection against the mite was used has been analyzed. Troops with no protection had the highest incidence of the disease, as compared with a lower incidence in troops where clothes were sprayed with dimethylphthalate, and lowest in the group whose clothes had been actually impregnated with a 5 per cent emulsion of dimethylphthalate. There were no instances of dermatitis.

It is considered that this experience offers evidence indicative of the high degree of protection against scrub typhus provided by clothes impregnated with dimethylphthalate.

Author Notes

Major, M.C., A.U.S.