Practical Malariology

Paul F. Russell, M.D., M.P.H., Colonel, M.C., A.U.S., Parasitology Division, Army Medical School, Field Staff, International Health Board, Rockefeller Foundation, Luther S. West, Ph.D., Head of Biology Department, Northern Michigan College of Education, Major, Sn.C. A.U.S., and Reginald D. Manwell, Sc.D., Professor of Zoology, Syracuse University, New York, Captain, Sn.C. A.U.S. Foreword by Raymond Fosdick. Pp. i–xix, 1–684. W. B. Saunders and Co., Phil. and London. 1946. Illustrated

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In this beautifully printed and illustrated volume the authors have furnished public health workers and physicians a work which embodies their personal experience in malariology and the results obtained by others, in a practical manner. As stated in the Preface: “It is designed to give clinical, laboratory, and field information about malaria, capable of being put to use in daily practice. The design of the book is not enclycopedic or bibliographic, nor is it synoptic.” This statement should be borne in mind in a consideration of the work from a critical standpoint, for while the subject of symptomatology, and the clinical aspects of malaria, are adequately considered, the practitioner of medicine will not find in this work an encyclopedic discussion of this phase of the subject. It is essentially a work devoted to the diagnosis and prevention of malarial infections and hence of very special value to the public health worker in malarious localities.