Human Trypanosomiasis and Tsetse-Flies in Liberia

Preface. The various aspects of the Sleeping Sickness problem in Liberia, reported upon in the present joint paper, were investigated at the behest and with the financial support of the Firestone Plantations Company, under the auspices of the American Foundation for Tropical Medicine, Inc., and of the Department of Comparative Pathology and Tropical Medicine, Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health. Dr. D. Weinman and Dr. J. Bequaert, at the time on the staff of the Department, were granted special leave of absence for the purpose by the Corporation of Harvard University. The third member of the party, Dr. E. P. Veatch, carried on his work under contract with the American Foundation. In the authors' well-considered opinion, the results of the work, presented herewith, clearly show at least the need and timeliness of the investigations.

The field work in Liberia covered about a year, from the end of 1943 to the latter part of 1944.