Insect Microbiology

by Edward A. Steinhaus, Assistant Professor of Bacteriology and Assistant Insect Pathologist to the Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of California, Berkeley, California. X and 763 pages, with 250 illustrations. Comstock Publishing Company, Ithaca, N. Y.

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As the author states, in a sub-title, this work is “An account of the microbes associated with insects and ticks with special reference to the biological relationships involved.” It is written by an authority who is well known because of his contributions to subjects considered in this book and in writing it he has placed upon record an enormous amount of data which should prove of the greatest value to all interested in the subject.

The main body of the book is divided into the following chapters: Specific Bacteria Associated with Insects; Intracellular Bacteriumlike and Rickettsialike Symbiotes; Rickettsiae; Yeasts and Insects; Fungi and Insects; Viruses and Insects; Protozoa and Insects; Protozoa in Termites; Immunity in Insects, and Methods and Procedures. There is a bibliography and an index of authors and of subjects.

In the chapters devoted to the relationship of specific organisms and insects, each organism is considered separately, and the data regarding its association with insects is given in detail, thus affording one access to most of the important work that has been accomplished in regard to relationship of organisms to their insect hosts, methods of transmission of these organisms to animals and man, and much other data of importance.