The Principles and Practice of Tropical Medicine

by L(ionel) Everard Napier, C.O.I.E., F.R.C.P. (London), formerly Director and Professor of Tropical Medicine, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine; formerly Consultant to the Secretary of War and Visiting Lecturer on Tropical Medicine, Army Medical School; Visiting Lecturer on Tropical Medicine, Harvard Medical School; formerly Visiting Professor of Tropical Medicine, Tulane University and Visiting Professor of Medicine, New York University. XVI + 917 pages, with 195 text figures and colorplates A-D. The Macmillan Co., New York, 1946

Ernest Carboll Faust
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This impressive volume is the record of a long period of experience and observation on the part of an able worker in the field of tropical medicine. For the most part it is based on data collected in India where the author spent many years in fruitful endeavor. The first 522 pages of the text were published without index in 1943; the remainder, including the index, while the author was visiting professor in the United States. In undertaking an evaluation of this contribution the reviewer has attempted to be sympathetic with the circumstances of publication, but at the same time he has been obliged to judge its merits objectively.

Following a preface and general introduction, in which the point of view of medical practice in the Tropics is presented, there are three chapters dealing primarily with tropical environment, their effect on the human constitution and on disease.In considering the centers for special knowledge in tropical disease at the beginning of the present century(p. 2) Dr. Napier was apparently unaware that at that time Philadelphia and New Orleans were as important as London, Hamburg and Baltimore.

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