Sulfonamide Drugs in the Treatment of Cholera

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  • National Institute of Health, National, Anti-epidemic Corps and Chungking Central Hospital, National Health Administration, China
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  1. 1.In a cholera epidemic, a study of the therapeutic effect of sulfonamide drugs has been made in 25 adult patients treated with sulfaguanidine, 25 with sulfadiazine and 29 without sulfonamides as control.
  2. 2.One death occurred in the control group and one in the group with sulfaguanidine treatment.
  3. 3.The average duration of diarrhea is shortened and the average amount of intravenous saline given is reduced in the sulfonamide-treated group as compared with the control. The differences are statistically significant.
  4. 4.There is no significant difference between the therapeutic results produced by these two sulfonamide drugs.
  5. 5.No striking effect of the sulfonamides on the time of disappearance of cholera vibrios from the stool has been observed.
  6. 6.With the dosage used in this study, only bacteriostatic concentration of the sulfonamides has been found in the stool of the patients under treatment.