Relapsing Fever on the Isthmus of Panama

>Report of 106 Cases

Carlos Calero Medical Staff of the Santo Tomas Hospital, Panama City

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Some reports have been published with respect to the clinical aspect of relapsing fever on the Isthmus of Panama since the first reports of Darling (1–2) and of Connor (3), that cover the diagnosed cases until 1917. Among such reports are those of Bates (4), who described for the first time the trasmission of the disease experimentally from animal to man; of Clark (5), who also transmitted the disease to man experimentally; of Carrizo (6), who reported four cases, one of which was hospitalized in Santo Tomás; of Nicosia (7), who reported one case hospitalized in Santo Tomás; and of Cohen (8), who reported six cases hospitalized in Gorgas Hospital on the Canal Zone.