Volume s1-26 (1946): Issue 5 (Sep 1946)

Military Amebiasis
Observations on the Complete Courses of Forty Cases, with Results of Treatment
The Diagnosis of Schistosomiasis Japonica
III. Technics for the Recovery of the Eggs of Schistosoma japonicum
Asiatic Cholera
Clinical Study and Experimental Therapy with Streptomycin
Studies on Atabrine (Quinacrine) Suppression of Malaria
I. A Consideration of the Individual Failures of Suppression
Studies of Filariasis
Development of Wuchereria Bancrofti in Culex Quinquefasciatus of Oahu
Emergency Sterilization of Drinking Water with Heteropolar Cationic Antiseptics
II. Persistence of Germicidal Action within Intestinal Tract and Removal of Excess Drug with Adsorbing Agents
The Causes of Death on the Isthmus of Panama
Based on 14,304 Autopsies Performed at the Board of Health Laboratory Gorgas Hospital, Ancon, Canal Zone, during the Forty Year Period 1904–1944