Science and Scientists in the Netherlands Indies

by Pieter Honig, Ph. D., Member of the Board for the Netherlands Indies, Surinam and Curacao; etc., and Frans Verdoorn, Ph.D., Botanical Advisor to the Board for the Netherlands Indies, Surinam and Curacao; etc. 1945, New York City, Board for the Netherlands Indies, Surinam and Curacao

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In a series of original articles, reprints, biographical sketches and reviews which recount the development and present status of science in the Netherlands Indies, this volume presents a fascinating and authoritative picture of the Indonesian environment. Nearly all of the articles are in English and it is gratifying to have a record of the advancement of Dutch science in the Far East available to the many scientific workers unfamiliar with the Dutch tongue. Reports of immediate interest to physicians include a review by Snapper of the contributions made to medicine by Eijkman, Swellengrebel, Otten and other Dutch East Indies physicians, a report by Donath on the history of Dutch investigations of beriberi and a series of chapters on the history of cinchona cultivation. Medical men will also be attracted by the biographical note by Professor Sirks on Rumphius, the blind seer of Amboina, the Indian Pliny, one of the grandest figures in the history of science, whose life story is a source of profound inspiration.