The Influenza Epidemic of 1943–1944 in San Antonio, Texas

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This is a brief report of the local manifestation of the nation-wide influenza outbreak of December–January 1943–1944 as observed in an army camp near San Antonio, Texas. The examination of serums was initiated just prior to the local outbreak and was continued for two and one-half months thereafter. Serum specimens from 175 cases were collected from all clinical cases of nasopharyngitis, atypical pneumonia, lobar pneumonia, and influenza, at the onset of illness and at weekly intervals for two weeks thereafter. These serum specimens were examined for the following diseases with the technics noted:

  1. 1.Influenza A and B by a modification of the Hirst test (1).
  2. 2.Cold Hemagglutination (2).
  3. 3.Ornithosis-lymphogranuloma venereum group complement fixation test.
  4. 4.Q fever by the complement fixation test.

The findings in this brief survey were as follows:

  1. 1.This was an explosive outbreak of influenza A, one month in duration with 82 per cent of the 39 serologically positive cases occurring in the first two weeks.

Author Notes

Eighth Service Command Laboratory, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.