International Appraisal of Research in Tropical Medicine

Presidential Address, 1945, American Academy of Tropical Medicine

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Members of the American Academy of Tropical Medicine, ladies and guests: I am deeply appreciative of the honor you bestowed upon me through elevation to your presidency in the current year, and wish to express my thanks for the distinction. I found the routine duties of the office to be far from onerous, but realization of my inadequacy to meet fittingly the ephemeral climax of a presidential address has given rise to sleepless nights. I know that on such an occasion as the present, a speaker has his auditors at a disadvantage during this brief exercise of his prerogatives, and I greatly hope that you, sufficiently surfeited by this banquet, will have acquired a complaisant mood, judging my remarks in a spirit of leniency, permitting appreciation of brevity to outweigh its very apparent short-comings.