Volume s1-25 (1945): Issue 5 (Sep 1945)

The Pneumonias in Panama
A Study of Five Hundred Consecutive Cases
Book Review
Knowles's Introduction to Medical Protozoology
Second Edition. By B. M. DasGupta, Professor of Protozoology and Director, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine. 104 illustrations and 10 coloured plates. P. I, VIII, 1–323. U. N. Dhur & Sons, Ltd., Calcutta, 1944
Book Review
Manual of Clinical Mycology
By Norman F. Conant, Ph.D., Donald Stover Martin, M.D., David Tillerson Smith, M.D., Roger Denie Baker, M.D., and Jasper Lamar Callaway, M.D. Pp. I-378, Illustrated. W. B. Saunders and Co., Philadelphia and London