Knowles's Introduction to Medical Protozoology

Second Edition. By B. M. DasGupta, Professor of Protozoology and Director, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine. 104 illustrations and 10 coloured plates. P. I, VIII, 1–323. U. N. Dhur & Sons, Ltd., Calcutta, 1944

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This interesting book is not presented as a comprehensive substitute for the more complete reference books of protozoology but it is intended as a teaching text for advanced students of this subject. It reads easily and the material is well organized. The colored plates are very clear and well arranged. The binding is not very substantial.

Greatest emphasis in content is devoted to the Rhizopoda (Entamoeba), the Sporozoa, (Leishmania and Trypanosoma) and to the Sporozoa (Plasmodia), as is commensurate with their incidence. Attention is also directed to the spirochaetes and certain parasites of doubtful nature such as Toxoplasma, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Anaplasma, etc. There are excellent lists of pertinent references at the end of each chapter, along with appendices for similar organisms occurring among the lower animals. One limitation to its use here in the United States is the reference to some chemotherapeutic agents which are unavailable in this country such as Bayer “205” for trypanosomiasis.