Penicillin Therapy, Including Tyrothricin and Other Therapy

By John A. Kolmer, M.D., etc. Pages 11–302. New York, D. Appleton Century Company, 1945

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This is a timely review of the rapidly expanding literature on Penicillin and allied substances.

Chapters on “The Production of Penicillin” and “The Administration and Dosage of Penicillin” are particularly well presented. The use of the substance locally and the methods of systemic administration are described in detail.

Following the general discussion on treatment, many diseases are discussed individually as to their therapeutic response to Penicillin. These include staphylococcic septicemia, subacute bacterial endocarditis, actinomycosis, pneumonia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

The properties and clinical application of allied antibiotics are reviewed in less detail. Tyrothricin gramicidin S., Streptothricin, Patulin and Chlorophyll are included in the discussion.

The book sets forth a good deal of practical information. It will be of value to the practicing physician who is unfamiliar with antibiotic therapy.