Early Results of the Treatment of African Trypanosomiasis with Two New Arsenical Preparations

(Melarsen Oxide and 70A) Preliminary Report

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  • Department of Comparative Pathology and Tropical Medicine, Schools of Medicine and Public Health, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts
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The current treatment of African trypanosomiasis with antrypol or Bayer 205 and tryparsamide is usually effective. However, it is not ideal, and improved chemotherapeutic agents of reduced toxicity and higher effectiveness and greater ease of administration are desirable. It was with this in view that the present study of the effect of two new drugs on African sleeping sickness was undertaken.

These investigations were carried on in Liberia, West Africa, under the auspices of the American Foundation for Tropical Medicine, Inc. Through the courtesy of the Firestone Plantations Company, the hospital of the Firestone rubber plantation at Harbel, Liberia, was made available. Our patients were drawn from the native plantation laborers. These infected laborers came from different parts of Liberia where apparently the disease is established, but during the period that they remained on the Plantation proper, we consider that they were free from the risk of re-infection.