Relapsing Fever in Denton County, Texas

Report on Finding the Tick, Ornithodorus Turicata, Naturally Infected

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  • Department of Pathology, Division of Clinical Pathology (Parasitology), Southwestern Medical College, Dallas, Texas
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  1. 1.A cave harboring the tick Ornithodorus turicata, is reported from Denton County, Texas.
  2. 2.The cave was identified as the Sam Bass Cave studied previously by Kemp and his associates.
  3. 3.For the first time experimental evidence is presented that many of these ticks are naturally infected with the spirochete of relapsing fever and that they are able to transmit the infection to man and white rats.
  4. 4.An attempt has been made to indicate the possible mechanisms through which the infection in this area apparently disappeared and reappeared.