Persistence of Yellow Fever Virus in Mosquitoes after Death of the Insect

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  • Laboratory of the Serviço de Estudos e Pesquisas sôbre a Febre Amarela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Significant amounts of yellow fever virus have been recovered from the bodies of dead Aedes aegypti as long as 4 hours after death of the insect from exposure to ether, 17.5 hours after death from starvation, 20 hours after death from exposure to tobacco smoke, and 45.5 hours after death from exposure to potassium cyanide fumes.

On the contrary, following death from exposure to chloroform vapor, most of the virus activity was lost in 30 minutes and was totally absent in 1 hour.

Virus has been recovered from a significant number of lots of Haemagogus equinus and Haemagogus spegassinii which died of “natural causes” during the course of laboratory transmission experiments.