Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Amebiasis

Charles Franklin Craig, M.D., M.A. (Hon.), F.A.C.S., F.A.C.P., Colonel, United States Army, Retired, D.S.M., Late Commandant, Army Medical School, and Assistant Commandant, Army Medical Center, Washington, D. C., Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine, Medical School, Tulane University of Louisiana, New Orleans, La. Pp. v–viii, 1–332, figs. 1–45. The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, 1944

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After studying this book the reviewer is impressed by the fact that no author has previously undertaken such a careful and complete consideration and study of what is known of amebiasis at the present time as has Colonel Craig. In this book he has written not only of his important personal observations and investigations carried on in the past forty years but he has also made a careful study of the literature and has incorporated references to the important investigations made by other observers; thus it is not only an important source of information on all aspects of the subject but its value is enhanced as a book of reference.

In his preface Colonel Craig refers to the fact that in 1934 he published his work entitled “Amebiasis and Amebic Dysentery” which included the salient data available to that date upon this important subject. However, during the past decade, since that work was published, an enormous amount of research has been accomplished upon almost every phase of amebiasis and in this new book he has induded all the important data accumulated during that period adding it to the material published in the previous work.