Stitt's Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Tropical Diseases

Seventh Edition. By Richard P. Strong, M.D., D.Sc., D.S.M., C.B., Professor of Tropical Medicine, Emeritus, Harvard University Director of Tropical Medicine, Army Medical School, Colonel, M.C., U. S. Army. Two volumes, pp. i–xvi, 1–1747. The Blakiston Company, Philadelphia

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In July, 1942, the reviewer had the pleasure of reviewing the sixth edition of this work and at that time stated that he was convinced “that it is the most up-to-date and valuable work upon the subject that is available.” And this new edition, called for in less than three years, is even an improvement over the sixth edition, and still merits the statement formally made that “it is a great work upon tropical medicine and will long remain a classic upon the subject.”

The new edition has been brought up-to-date in this rapidly advancing subject and should serve as not only a fine work for the medical officer and practitioner in this country and in the subtropical and tropical regions in which our troops are operating, but, because of its encyclopedic character, should serve as a most valuable reference work upon all the subjects discussed. In these days, when almost every month or so a new book upon tropical medicine appears, it is a relief to find in this great work practically all that is known regarding tropical diseases, as many of the new books upon the subject are limited in their information and sometimes inaccurate.