Wartime Tropical Medicine Activities of the National Research Council

Henry E. Meleney
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The wartime activities in tropical medicine of the National Research Council began in May, 1940, with the appointment of the Subcommittee on Tropical Diseases in the Division of Medical Sciences. The original Subcommittee consisted of Dr. W. A. Sawyer, Chairman, Dr. M. F. Boyd, Dr. E. H. Hume, Dr. T. T. Mackie, Dr. R. B. Watson, and Dr. Henry E. Meleney. Since that time a number of changes and additions have been made in the membership of the Subcommittee. Dr. Meleney became Chairman in January, 1941, and the other members at the present time are Dr. M. F. Boyd, Dr. H. W. Brown, Dr. W. W. Cort, Dr. K. F. Meyer, Dr. G. K. Strode, Dr. W. H. Taliaferro, Dr. H. B. Van Dyke, Dr. R. B. Watson and Dr. A. A. Weech.

The functions of the Subcommittee have been to prepare directives for the treatment and prevention of tropical diseases, to make recommendations to the armed forces, and to initiate and supervise research.

Author Notes

Hermann M. Biggs Professor of Preventive Medicine, New York University; Chairman, Subcommittee on Tropical Diseases, National Research Council; Representative of the American Society of Tropical Medicine to the National Research Council.

Read at the 40th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, November 13–16, 1944.